We’ve got your guitar tone covered!

Our hum-canceling systems

Our hum-canceling systems come built into your backplate or pickguard and are ready for install on your guitar. We also provide a PC board for fine-tuning your system. Refer to the instruction manual for installation steps also available HERE.


Our patented hum-canceling technology for Strats, Teles, Les Pauls and more!

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Military style Germanium transistor input stage, mastered by ILITCH!

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The PGNCS-T for Tele style guitars

Built inside the pickguard

The PGNCS-T is built inside the pickguard and ready for install on your Telecaster with either a 5 or 8 screw-hole USA pattern. Each of our hum canceling systems is designed and built in our workshop in Camarillo, CA. We’ve spent years working to find US suppliers for the highest quality parts and materials. The making of our hum-canceling systems involve precise machining, followed by winding, assembly and testing. All of our manufacturing fixtures are designed by us and our entire assembly process is done by hand in Camarillo, CA. We fuss over every detail in the design and manufacturing process to build a product that can last a lifetime and help your guitar perform at its best.

The Most Powerful Software. Say hello to Flux OS.

Innovation in your wrist

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